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Take part in our fun Easter week tennis championships between 13th – 19th of April. Entries close on Saturday 11th of April at 8.00 pm.

  • Join our Easter Parent and Child Tennis virtual Championships played in your own living room.
  • Join as a team of an Adult and a Junior or Adult and a Teenager. No tennis experience or tennis equipment needed.
  • You will be placed either in a round robin or a knock out draw to compete against other teams. The type of draw will be decided based on the number of participants, after we receive all entries.
  • You will be competing in various tennis challenges and if you are better than your opponent, you will progress to the next round of the knockout draw or collect points if round robin draw.
  • Once registered, you will have 12 hours to record your challenge on your mobile phone/camera and post it to our Facebook page. We will check your challenge and decide who wins. If no video is posted, you will be eliminated from the championships.

Rules and Conditions:

  1. Competition will take place between 13th – 19th of April. Entries close on Saturday 11th of April at 8.00 pm.
  2. To enter: email us on info@prestwoodtennisclub.co.uk or contact us on Facebook www.facebook.com/prestwoodtennis. Entries close on 11th of April at 8.00pm.
  3. Follow us on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/prestwoodtennis) for the latest updates and to submit your entries.
  4. A team has to consist of an Adult and a Junior (12 and under) or an Adult and a Teenager ( 13 – 16)
  5. You will be randomly entered into the draw, either a Round Robin or a Knock Out Draw. The type of draw is based on the number of entries we receive. You will be notified after the entry closes.
  6. You will have 12 hours to complete your challenge. You have to record the challenge and post the video – you can either post your video on our Facebook page or upload it to YouTube and send us a link to your video.
  7. After the 12 hour period we will check all the videos and decide on the winners. The winners will move to the next round or receive points for the round robin standings, depending on the draw type.
  8. If no video is submitted within the 12 hours window, you will be eliminated / forfeit your match in round robin draw.
  9. The champions will receive some tennis clubs goodies and a private tennis lesson with our Head Coach, Janko, once the current situation allows us to return to the tennis courts.

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