Tennis is back! Well, almost. And what better way to celebrate than to kickstart the Prestwood Friday League from Friday 9th of April? As before, play starts at 7pm so please aim to arrive by 6.45pm (and bring £3 in cash).

Here’s a summary of the dates, so please make a note in your calendars. Remember, if you can’t play, try and find a replacement from the same “level” as you – and if you hit any problems, just let your captain know.

Friday 9th Lord of the Strings vs The Aces
Friday 16th Nick’s Knockers vs Lee’s Legends
Friday 23rd Ball Crushers vs The Aces
Friday 30th Lee’s Legends vs Top Shots

Friday 7th Lord of the Strings vs Ball Crushers
Friday 14th Nick’s Knockers vs Top Shots
Friday 21st Lee’s Legends vs The Aces
Friday 28th Top Shots vs Lord of the Strings

Friday 4th Lee’s Legends vs Ball Crushers

If any matches need to be postponed due to bad weather (the only excuse for a postponement), then we will use the remaining Fridays in June.

A reminder of the rules

Each team is made up of six players: three women, three men. All players have been put into three rough levels of ability and experience, ranging from Woman 1 to Woman 3 and Man 1 to Man 3. When people play, they will always have their opposite number against them – so in one round Man 1 and Woman 3 from each team will play Man 1 and Woman 3 from the other team.

Each mini match lasts for exactly 20 minutes. The moment the virtual whistle goes, play ends.

Which team am I in again?

Teams are:
Top Shots: Hilary Evans (captain), Tom, Jordi, Sandra, Adam, Rhona
Nick’s Knockers: Nick Hinge (captain), Cristina, Malcolm, Helen, Jos, Tracey
The Aces: Ron Hunt (captain), Rachel, Mark, Bernie, Keith, Anita
Lee’s Legends: Lee Widra (captain), Charlotte, Robert S, Clare, Nigel, Hannah
Ball Crushers: Tim Danton (captain), Sally, Jon, Cath, Robert M, Raili
Lord of the Strings: Heather Lay (captain), Phil, Gerwyn, Karen, Dominic, Sue L

Reserves: Janko (Man 1), Giuseppe (Man 3), Sue D (Woman 1), Geraldine (Woman 3), Elizabeth (Woman 3), Sue S (Woman 3)

Who’s winning?

So far we’ve had six rounds, with each team playing at least once. As of March 2021, the league currently looks like this:

Top Shots P2 W2 D0 L0
Lee’s Legends P1 W1 D0 L0
The Aces P2 W1 D0 L1
Ball Crushers P2 W1 D0 L1
Lord of the Strings P2 W0 D1 L1
Nick’s Knockers P3 W0 D1 L2