New-look Friday nights at Prestwood Tennis Club: welcome to the PFL


How are you going to spend your Friday evenings this winter? For 36 members of Prestwood Tennis Club, the answer is simple: they will battle for supremacy in an exciting format that sees them play against every other member who is taking part – albeit over the course of five months (probably six in light of the new lockdown).

Those 36 players have been split into six teams, and each team will play one another to decide the ultimate winner. So far, three rounds have taken place, with the Ball Crushers, Top Shots and Lee’s Legends walking away with wins.

“I was a bit worried taking part in anything like this, not wanting to let anyone down,” said Raili Fielding, one of the ominously named Ball Crushers. “However, it turned out to be a fun evening with friendly and very supportive people and a great team spirit!”

The format is a great leveller, giving everyone an even chance. All players have been put into three rough levels of ability and experience, ranging from Woman 1 to Woman 3 and Man 1 to Man 3. When people play, they will always have their opposite number against them – so in one round Man 1 and Woman 3 from each team will play Man 1 and Woman 3 from the other team. 

Prestwood Friday Night LeagueWith each team playing five matches, there’s still everything to play for, and while only one team will ultimately walk away with six (small) trophies to place on the mantelpiece, the real goal here is to have fun on a dark winter’s night – whilst fully complying with the government’s Covid-19 guidelines.

“It turned out to be a fun evening with friendly and very supportive people and a great team spirit!” Raili Fielding, Ball Crushers

And that’s the great thing about tennis this winter. While we await the latest LTA guidance following the new lockdown, tennis played outside is considered a safe activity so long as the LTA’s guidelines are met (naturally, Prestwood Tennis Club does). Whether you’re a regular player, have never picked up a racket or stopped playing years ago, you’ll find a warm welcome at Prestwood Tennis Club.

If an adult member was to join us today, membership until 31 March 2021 costs £60. With balls supplied, the only thing you’ll need to bring is a racket. 

If you’re interested in joining us, please call our coach Janko on 07817 660 660 or email We offer a seven-day free trial, including a free training session with Janko and full access to the courts and our social tennis events. 

As for the Prestwood Friday League, it will carry on throughout winter – once the current lockdown is over. See the fixtures, teams and latest table below.


Top Shots: Hilary Evans (captain), Tom, Jordi, Sandra, Adam, Rhona

Nick’s Knockers: Nick Hinge (captain), Cristina, Malcolm, Helen, Jos, Tracey

The Aces: Ron Hunt (captain), Rachel, Mark, Bernie, Keith, Anita

Lee’s Legends: Lee Widra (captain), Charlotte, Robert S, Clare, Nigel, Hannah

Ball Crushers: Tim Danton (captain), Sally, Jon, Cath, Robert M, Raili

Lord of the Strings: Heather Lay (captain), Phil, Gerwyn, Karen, Dominic, Sue L

Reserves: Janko (Man 1), Giuseppe (Man 3), Sue D (Woman 1), Geraldine (Woman 3), Elizabeth (Woman 3), Sue S (Woman 3)



Friday 16th Nick’s Knockers vs Ball Crushers (Ball Crushers win)

Friday 23rd The Aces vs Top Shots (Top Shots win)

Friday 30th Lord of the Strings vs Lee’s Legends (Lee’s Legends win)



Friday 4th Ball Crushers vs Top Shots

Friday 11th Lord of the Strings vs Nick’s Knockers

Friday 18th Nick’s Knockers vs The Aces



Friday 9th Lord of the Strings vs The Aces

Friday 16th Nick’s Knockers vs Lee’s Legends

Friday 23rd Ball Crushers vs The Aces

Friday 30th Lee’s Legends vs Top Shots


Friday 7th Lord of the Strings vs Ball Crushers

Friday 14th Nick’s Knockers vs Top Shots

Friday 21st Lee’s Legends vs The Aces

Friday 28th Top Shots vs Lord of the Strings


Friday 4th Lee’s Legends vs Ball Crushers

Friday 14th Spare date

Friday 21st Spare date

Friday 28th Spare date