Finally, we are getting back on the tennis court to play our favourite game.

Getting back on the tennis court, opening a can of new, lovely smelling tennis balls and start hitting is not complicated at all. But if you want to avoid injuries and keep enjoying the game of tennis for the whole summer, it is important that you start playing gradually.

Don’t rush and don’t go into hitting all-out in the first session after the long break, that wouldn’t be smart.

Even if you have been active during the break, went out on bike, for a run or walk, tennis is physically completely different game. The tissues involved in hitting tennis shots are not ready to handle the huge load of intensity. The velocity the joints – particularly the shoulder – go through are faster and the ranges are much greater than any activity you have been doing during the break.

It is very important that you start your first sessions easy with a light hitting and small movement and gradually will be increasing the level of intensity during following sessions.

To make sure you stay away from injuries, I have put together a video of a short dynamic warm up which you should be doing every time you are about to play tennis, or any other sporting activity.